Untreated Art was the name I chose when I first started in woodworking, and although my work has progressed over the years by incorporating fractal burning and epoxy resin, I feel the name now has new meaning and further strengthens my view on how furnishings can not only be functional pieces, but also works of art. My aim is simple, to create something that both serves a useful purpose, while combining colors of classic and new age artwork, all into to one piece that can be visually stimulating and practical. I achieve this by taking the time-honored design of an underlying live edge hardwood table, and infuse it with the look of natural rivers of colorful resin flowing throughout the surface. There are no limits to what color combinations can be applied to these rivers, from the Turkish blue found in the ice cold waters of Icelandic seas, bright teals seen in the Caribbean, lush greens of the Serengeti, bright amber of lava flows in Hawaii, to the complex copper and bronze of ancient Greece. Utilizing the rich natural colors of Dark Walnut, Maple Burls, Black Cherry and other exotic hardwoods, combined with the infinite number of resin pigments to choose from, along with rivers forged through the use of high voltage electricity, each piece can be truly a one of a kind work of art. 

Having the opportunity to both express myself through my work, and bring enjoyment into others’ lives, has been an experience that I could only of dreamed of in the past, appreciate in the present, and will continually strive towards in the future. I invite you to follow along, as I share daily videos and pictures of each piece of work being created, from sourcing the hardwood slabs at the very beginning, to applying the last coat of finish and watching the rivers come alive. Hoping to inspire others, I share my experiences with the world, whether or not you personally possess one of my works, you can join in on the creativity that all woodworking has to offer, and start your own journey where ever that may lead. 

All the best,
Jeremy Elkins